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Our Story

Nestled in the cool pine trees at nearly 7,000 feet in the Sacramento Mountains of South Central New Mexico, lies the vacation paradise of Ruidoso (pronounced "Rui-doe-so"). Ruidoso is the Spanish word for noisy. The village is named for the river that runs through it, the Rio Ruidoso or "Noisy River." The Rio Ruidoso has its headwaters up on the majestic 12,003 foot Sierra Blanca (White Mountain) that provides the backdrop for our scenic village. The river winds through the beautiful Upper Canyon, the village of Ruidoso and finally down through the Hondo Valley.

Almost completely surrounded by the White Mountain wilderness and the Lincoln National Forest, there is hunting (rifle, bow, muzzleloader and camera) for everything from turkey to elk, fishing, horseback riding, kite flying, backpacking, hiking, camping, skiing, tubing, sledding and lots of golf (nearly all year round).

In the village you'll find every kind of gift shop you can imagine (and some you can't), go-carts for kids of all ages, children's boat ride, pony rides, mini-golf, maze, rock wall climb, coffee shops complete with WiFi, clothing stores and any kind of restaurant from fast food to steak houses. A movie theater with three screens and venues for several live shows, including (during the summer months) a western shootout, authentic cowboy meal and music.  From horse racing, skiing and a casino, Ruidoso has it all.

Relax with a pleasant stroll along the Rio Ruidoso near midtown or on an exercise trail just minutes from the village, but giving you the feeling that you are miles back in the woods.  Ruidoso is an all-year playground for the entire family!  Come see us soon.

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